MY LIFE IS A DREAM 2015 Cousin Wonderlette. Vonda, Francine the Pig. Dir.: Brian Benson

2014 Peaches Christ, Sharon Needles, Brian Benson. Dir: Josh Granell.

(TV special) 2010 by Athol Fugard, performed at Berkeley Rep Dir: Richard Stucker, produced for Lincoln Center, recorded live.

FRUIT FLY (feature film) 2008 (co-mixer) Dir.: H.P. Mendoza and Rich Wong A new film from the makers of “COLMA: The Musical”!

THE CALIFORNIANS (feature film) 2003 (co-mixer) Dir.: Jonathan Parker, Prod.: Scott Rosenfelt, Debbie Brubaker
(Noah Wyle, Kate Mara, Keith Carradine, Cloris Leachman)

THE INTERSECTION 1998 Directed by John Korty 

MY DUBIOUS SEX DRIVE  feature film 1995 Seamless Pictures/Pacific Motion Pictures Directed by Lucy Phillips and Glen Scantlebury

THE UTILIZER TV special, feature film; USA Network 1992 Filmakers Inc.,  Directed by Craig Barron

MAGIC BOAT Feature film Flightline Productions 1992

HAMMER PLEASE DON'T HURT 'EM (feature film) Fragile Films/Capitol-EMI  1990  (MC Hammer) Directed by Rupert Wainwright

MADE IN AMERICA  feature film (2nd unit) Warner Bros. (Whoopi Goldberg/Ted Danson)  1991

HUDSON HAWK  feature Film  (2nd unit) Tristar (Bruce Willis, Andie McDowell) 1990

HEAT AND SUNLIGHT  feature film  (2nd unit) 1990 Alliance Films  Directed by Rob Nillson

FLOATING 1990 Directed by David Rathod

TWENTY TV movie, feature film NTV/Japan 1990

YOU CAN CHOOSE TV series, stage musical w/ live audience. 1990 PBS/Elkind and Sweet

BIG TIME  feature film with live concert at The Warfield, SF;   Island Pictures 1987 (Tom Waits) Directed by Chris Blum  produced by Lucy Phillips

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Cosgrove-Meurer Productions (several episodes and TV specials, including "The Legend of DB Cooper” 1988-9)

SALVADOR  feature film (USA units) Hemdale. (James Woods, James Belushi) 1985 Directed by Oliver Stone

SMOOTH TALK  feature film, American Playhouse 1984 (Laura Dern, Treat Williams) Directed by Joyce Chopra

REVOLUTION  feature film  Hipco Films  1987 Directed by Jack O'Connell

MASSIVE RETALIATION  feature film 1984  Vestron (Peter Donat, Michael Pritchard)

ON THE EDGE  feature film 1983 (2nd unit)  (Bruce Dern) Alliance Films  Directed by Rob Nillson

MR. ROGET AND MISS SIMPKINS HBO 1981 Directed by Scott Ewers, produced by Lucy Phillips

SIGNAL 7 Feature film  1980  Zoetrope. Directed by Rob Nillson, produced by Francis Ford Coppola

AS WE DREAM (theatrical short) 2002-4 Written and directed by Dan Smith, produced by Liz Sales.

THE LAW AND MR. LEE (2nd unit) 2003 Granite Productions (LA) TV series pilot. (Danny Glover)

THE BEARING WALL (dramatic short story) 2001-2 Written and directed by Charles Halpern.

SESSIONS feature film 2001 (Prime Focus LLC, Jim Dickson)

JUST ADD WATER Theatrical short (17 min) 1999, Directed by Randy Field. with Laraine Newman and Liz Sheridan.

THE INTERVIEW Short; 1999 Mortarotti Ramirez Productions; directed by David Rathod

LIFE....  Feature film, 1998  SPL Productions, produced by Bart Patton

PUNCH THE CLOCK 1998; directed by Brian Ranere, produced by Lisa Ewald

WHACKED Feature film 1995. Champawat Pictures, directed by Rider McDowell