I have a small studio where nearly all of the films, TV shows, music and other projects described on the “audio post” pages of this site were sound-edited and mixed. It is located in an easy-to-get-to part of the SF area near a BART station.  It includes:

--Calibrated 5.1 and stereo precision monitoring with Dolby surround processors.

--Dolby LM100, DMM2, TB, and Dorrough broadcast loudness meters and other measuring devices for meeting network specs

--A large SFX and ambiance library, both personal and from commercial sources

--Voice-over (etc.) studio with the appropriate mics and monitoring

--Digital audio workstations with many noise reduction/audio repair and sound-design type plug-ins, as well as import utilities and translators for receiving edits from various picture-editing systems.

--Digital video playback in sync to picture with full scrub and search.


Location music recording for both CD type release as well as video shoots, 2 to 48+ track systems available.

Mics by: Neumann, Schoeps, Sanken, Sennheiser, Beyer, Shure, Countryman, Audio Teknika and others

Preamps by: Benchmark, Dynasonics, Sound Devices, Presonus and others

Consoles+mixers by: Allen and Heath, Sound Devices, Ashly, Dynasonics

Recorders by: JoeCo, Sound Devices

Noise Reduction by: Cedar, Izotope

Time Code+sync equipment by: Ambient, Denecke, Mozegear, MicroFrame


I generally supply the production sound equipment package for jobs I do.  There are 3 basic packages that I use:

Over-the-Shoulder portable "bag-rig", with mixer, wireless mics, digital recorder with timecode, wireless monitoring, other feeds.  Very small and fast, battery powered. All wireless, including booms, camera feeds and monitoring. Sound Devices and other recorders.

-Special packages and techniques for shooting with DSLRs and other current cameras.

--24+ channel portable multitrack recorder-rack with high fidelity preamps (JoeCo BBR)

--12 input 16 channel mixer recorder in a portable bag, DC powerable

"Hollywood" style sound cart with mixer, wireless mics, computer-based and other digital recorders up to 10 tracks, wireless monitoring systems, feeds and monitoring for multiple video cameras and mic boom operators; video picture monitor, audio playback and PA system equipment.  Time code distro.  AC or DC powerable.

Please call about the special requirements of your job.