Charles Lloyd and Jason Moran: SAND (music for the ballet) 2016 Alonzo King LINES Ballet

ACOUSTIC DECONSTRUCTION (The Label 001LP 2016) with Maggi Payne, Matt Ingalls and Ingrid Lee.
Produced by Jacqueline Gordon and Zackery Berlanger.

Lisa Fischer and JC Maillard: THE PROPELLED HEART (music for the ballet) 2015 Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Best Coast for Boing Boing TV 2015 for a documentary+ EP re: the release of their album “California Dreaming”.
Live in the studio.

Don Arbor and Friends at the Freight and Salvage DVD and youtube video production of Don’s famous “birthday concert” 2015

The Lost Trio: MONKWORK
(Evander Records 2014)
All T. Monk tunes in new arrangements.

Natural Artefacts: CALIFORNIA CONNECTIONS (LJ Records 2014)
A new album’s worth of pieces by the famed Swedish ensemble, both studio sessions and a live performance recording.

Nils Bultmann TROUBADOUR BLUE (Innova Records 2014)
Includes “Ten Viola Duets” with Hank Dutt See Nils and Hank play “Busy Body” on Vimeo, from this

Bob Mould (documentary+performance for the release of “Beauty and Ruin”) Boing-Boing TV 2014

Marcus Shelby Quintet (live @ SFJazz for the series KQEDarts) 2014

(Important Records 2013)
Two new mixes of live performance works recorded in 2011.

“Blue” Gene Tyranny: DETOURS
(Unseen Worlds, 2012)
The master pianist and composer returns with a new work--I recorded and mixed the piece “Red Shoes”.

John Bischoff: AUDIO COMBINE (New World Records 2012)
Four new works by the master of live computer music.

WigBand: 4 DECADES 5 PRESIDENTS (BarbCo/Burning Books) 2013
Four of WigBand’s classic songs newly recorded for inclusion in Barbara Golden’s subversive songbook.

John Bischoff: SURFACE RANDOM (Important Records 2011)
A special edition endless-loop cassette release of a new work.

Chris Brown: ICONICITIES (3 Pieces for Percussion and Live Electronics) (New World, 2011)
With Willy Winant (percussion) and Chris Brown (piano, electronics)
I recorded and edited/mixed (with Chris Brown) “Gangsa” and “Stupas”.

Ellen Fullman: THROUGH GLASS PANES (Important Records, 2011)
Ms. Fullman, her long-string instruments in a variety of settings, and her ensemble, including cellist Teresa Wong. I recorded the piece “Event Location #2”.

The Lost Trio: MYSTERIOUS TOBOGGAN (Evander Records, 2010)
The legendary and long-lasting trio play standards and originals live in the studio.

Woody Simmons and the Mill Valley Philharmonic: ASHTAVAK (score for the documentary “CHASING THE LIGHT”, PBS 2010)
Symphony with solo banjo.

Gino Robair: I NORTON (Rastascan Records 2009)
Gino Robair finally brings his multi-year operatic project about the Gold Rush era San Francisco eccentric
Emperor Norton to fruition, in a CD-length music work that incorporates years of concert and studio recordings of
the various parts of the work. With Tom Dutt as Norton, and studio audio and musical work by Myles Boisen.
A huge percentage of the improv music community of the SF Bay Area is heard in this work, including two giant concerts
conducted by the composer. I did most of the concert recording for this CD.

The Acme House Band:
VANITY (Emanem Records 2009)
Trumpeter Tom Dill, The Acme House Band and guests make subtle, evocative music at the 21 Grand performance space in Oakland CA.

Kronos Quartet: SUN RINGS (live at Stanford University, 2008)
Produced by Janet Cowperthwaite.  KQ and a 40 voice choir play Terry Riley’s wonderful evening-length work.
This recording was featured on KQ’s website for about a year.

YOUTH SPEAKS! / TEEN POETRY SERIES at the San Francisco Opera House (HBO series episode) 2008
I recorded the sold-out  “big show” of the San Francisco installment of HBO’s new series on teen poets, rappers and performance artists at the SF Opera House--in multicamera/multitrack.

The Hub: BOUNDARY LAYER (Tzadik Records 2009)
A 3-CD set of recordings of the legendary computer-network band from the 1980’s through a new work produced in 2008.
I recorded a few of the early pieces.

Oliveros-Brown:  IN THE AIR
(Deep Listening, 2009)
An extended recording session with legendary electronic musician, composer, teacher and philosopher Pauline Oliveros and
veteran composer and performer Chris Brown at the Maybeck Studio in Berkeley.  Multichannel electronics and instrumental
recordings will be mixed in a custom-programmed software system in an attempt to re-create their live 4-channel concert sound. 

Jose Maceda: DRONE and MELODY (
Tzadik Records 2007) Produced by Chris Brown and John Zorn. 3 works by the late Philippine
master. I remixed "Music for 2 Piano-4 Percussion" and recorded, edited and mixed "Sujeichon".é-Maceda-Drone-And-Melody/release/2653364

Kronos Quartet with David Barsamian: ALTERNATIVE RADIO at BRAVA SF
A live show with music and political discussion, choosing favorites from Kronos' vast repertoire and commentary by David Barsamian. Mixed by Scott Fraser. 2007

Fred Frith and Chris Brown:
CUTTER HEADS (Intakt Records 2006)
Live recordings of piano/electronics and guitar duets by these master improvisors.

The Natto Quartet: THOUSAND OAKS (482 Records, produced by Tim Perkis and Natto Quartet.)
A CD of recordings from a concert at the Maybeck Studio in Berkeley, CA. The players, Philip Gelb (shakuhachi),  Chris Brown (piano),
Shoko Hikage (koto), and Tim Perkis (computer) find a quiet and meditative mood in the inspiring Maybeck hall, in contrast to their
HEADLANDS CD (see below) Live multitrack recording and edit/mix. (2004)

Wadada Leo Smith: LUMINOUS AXIS (Tzadik Records, produced by John Zorn)
A new CD by this legendary trumpet virtuoso, accompanied by percussionist William Winant and computer synthesists Tim Perkis,
Chris Brown John Bischoff and Mark Trayle. Live multitrack recording and mix. (2002)

The Natto Quartet: HEADLANDS (482 Records, produced by Tim Perkis and Natto Quartet)
A CD of recordings from a concert at the Headlands Art Center. Dynamic, sensitively played improv music on shakuhachi (Philip Gelb),
piano (Chris Brown), koto (Shoko Hikage), and computer (Tim Perkis). Live multitrack recording and edit/mix. (2002)

Fuzzy Bunny: FUZZY BUNNY (Sonore, 2000)
Live multitrack recording of a new ensemble featuring Tim Perkis, Chris Brown and Scott G. Lancaster,

Tom Nunn and The Edgewalker Consort:  PEERING OVER   (Ramp Records 1997 Produced by Tom Nunn)
Live multitrack recording, edit and mix. Metal percussion and attitude.

(Artifact Records 1989) Live recordings and mixes.

John Bischoff and Tim Perkis: ARTIFICIAL HORIZON  (Artifact Records 1989) Live and studio recordings, mixes

Rotodoti: TARZAN SPEAKS (Artifact Records 1991) Live recordings

Tom Waits: BIG TIME (Island Records 1987) Production sound and concert recording for feature film soundtrack album.

San Francisco City Chorus: MOZART REQUIEM and Other Works for Chorus and Orchestra (
SFCC 1980-91) Live recordings.

Ralph Records 1985) Location music recordings.

The Residents: TUNES OF TWO CITIES (Ralph Records 1982) Location music and sfx recordings.

MUSIC RECORDING SESSIONS, recent or unpublished....

Eddie and Mad Duran, Larry Vuckovich live @ Fantasy Studios for the forthcoming series “West Coast Jazz” 2016

The Hub and Bit Panic
live @ Mills College (the Mark Trayle memorial concert) 2016

Monica and Martha (cello+piano duets) Z-Below SF for a forthcoming CD 2016

Phillip Greenlief, John Bischoff and Tim Perkis “BARBED WIRE” sessions for a forthcoming CD 2016

Regina Carter Quartet live @ Freight and Salvage
for a forthcoming documentary film. 2015

Palle Dahlstedt, Per Anders Nilsson, Gino Robair and others “BUCKET LIST” (for forthcoming CD) 2016

ALIVE! @ Freight and Salvage, for a forthcoming documentary film 2015

John Bischoff, Tim Perkis, Mark Trayle and Chris Brown: Live @ Duende Oakland and at Mills College (forthcoming CD) 2014

Rova Saxophone Quartet: “CURLING”
(John Zorn) 2013 I mixed this recording for a forthcoming release on Tzadic Records.

Larry Ochs Sax and Drum Core: “ALMOST JULIE”, “WILD RED-YELLOW”, and “A SORCERER”S FATE” 2013
Larry Ochs’ “big band” with a huge percussion contingent, mixed for a forthcoming CD.

Duopantomorph (Palle Dahlstedt and PerAnders Nilsson): “DYNAMIC TRIADS”
2013 for a forthcoming CD
A series of recording sessions with Gino Robair, Tim Perkis, Lisa Mezzacappa, Kjell Nordesen, and Kyle Bruckman for a new interactive electroacoustic work.

Ellen Fullman: LIVE @ BAM 2011
Live concert with Ellen’s 75 foot string instrument, with Fred Frith, Gino Robair and others, for a forthcoming CD.

negativWOBBLYland: LIVE @ BAM 2011 Live concert with negativland and Wobbly, for a forthcoming CD on Seeland Records.

Gino Robair, with The Cardew Choir and Tom Duff: “I, NORTON” live concert version with vocalists, instruments and pipe organ. 2011

Mike Patton, Fred Frith, Willy Winant, Chris Brown: “4/6TH”
(John Cage) 2011

John Butcher, Ellen Fullman, Gino Robair (for Rastascan Records) An improv session from Ellen’s studio 2011

Acme House Band with John Butcher and Kyle Bruckmann Live at the Subterranean ArtHouse, (a Grosse Abfahrt session) Berkeley 2011

THE SUMMER OF LOVE: Joel Visser’s musical in a stage reading (singing) at The Shelton Theatre, SF 2011

Great Wall Youth Orchestra and Chorus: A large orchestra of Chinese and Western instruments, for David O. Weissman’s film and a CD. 2011-15

Del McCoury Band Live at The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival SF Live recording and shoot for the forthcoming film BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY, on Bill Monroe, directed by Finn Taylor. 2010

Kronos Quartet: MUSIC FOR 4 FENCES
Live recording of this work for 4 custom built instruments, for a film on the genesis and performance of this new piece by Jon Rose, directed by Jay Blakesburg. 2010

Third Rock and Friends: The Haiti Benefit Show Live recording of Third Rock and 18 other bands for David Brown’s film on the band, and a forthcoming CD.

Bruce Molsky: Solo at Freight and Salvage: live recording of this legendary old time fiddler/guitarist/banjo player and singer at Berkeley’s premier folk venue. For Vicki Lewis’s forthcoming film on fiddling the world over.

Alasdair Fraser and Friends: FREIGHT AND SALVAGE OPENING NIGHT! (Tommie Smith 2009)
The famous folk music venue of Berkeley CA is reopened by one of its greatest alums and a host of other folk music stars. For a film on Alasdair Fraser’s life and work.

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas: LIVE AT THE RIO
(Tommie Smith, 2009)
This concert at the Rio in Santa Cruz CA was shot in multicam video for a forthcoming DVD to be released by Alasdair’s own label, and for a film on Alasdair’s work being made by Tommie Smith.

Grosse Abfahrt #6:  The Acme House Band with Frank Gratowski, Kjell Nordeson, Lisa Mezzacappa. 2008
Another installment of Tom Djll's ongoing recorded improv series, with the Acme "Big" all-start band and guests.


Tom Djll's mega-politico-musical theatre work, staged at the Oakland Metro Opera House in 10/08.  Quite a large ensemble with vocalists, narrator, brass, reeds, strings, a rock band and other soloists, videoed for a forthcoming DVD. 2008

Grosse Abfahrt #5:  The Acme House Band with Fred Frith and Chris Brown.
Another installment of Tom Djll's ongoing recorded improv series, with the Acme "Big" all-start band and guests guitarist Fred Frith and pianist/electronista Chris Brown.  The "grossest" Abfahrt yet!  For a forthcoming CD. 2008

Alasdair Fraser's FIDDLE SUMMIT '08 at the Roda Theatre
Fiddle legend Alasdair Fraser and guests at a show at Berkeley Rep's Roda Theatre--shot on multicam video for a doc about Alasdair. 

: Two large multitrack / multicamera location music shoots for David Brown’s ongoing doc project about a young up-and-coming rock band from Mill Valley, CA.  2008

Luciano Chessa: QUADRI DA UNA CITTI FANTASMA and other works.
Produced by Peter Esmonde for a forthcoming DVD.  Recorded live at the Maybeck Studio, Berkeley CA  2008

Biggi Vinkeloe Quartet at the Maybeck Studio (2008) With Tim Perkis and Phillip Greenlief.

Eugene Chadbourne and Tim Perkis live at 21 Grand, Oakland CA.  2008