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music recording projects:

Nathan Clevenger Trio+2:
UNSETTLED BY THE OCEAN New music by Nathan Clevenger, Corey Wright, Jordan Glenn, Casey Knudsen and Crystal Pasucci-Clifford. Recorded live, 2024 Apoplectics 009.

Animals and Giraffes: LIVE AT MEDICINE FOR NIGHTMARES (Evander E65) 2023. Claudia La Rocco, Phillip Greenlief, Kyle Bruckman, Adriana Comacho and Alexandra Buschman-Roman.

Nathan Clevenger Trio: SUNKEN RELIQUARY New music by Nathan Clevenger, Corey Wright and Jordan Glenn recorded live, 2023 Apoplectics 008.

Kinda Green:
KINDA Tim Perkis and Tom Dill Artifact ART 3018 2023

Mark Trayle:
IN MY ROOM Artifact Recordings ART 3013. Live recordings from the memorial concerts of Mark's music performed by The Hub and Bit Panic. 2022

"Blue" Gene Tyranny Degrees of Freedom Found (Unseen Worlds Records UW035 2021)
A career retrospective 6 CD box set.

Roco Cordova and La Macacoa: Entretiempo Live recording for release by Small Press Traffic

Crushing Spiral Ensemble:
LIVE @ ODC 2022

Playing Field:
CLEAR (Milkbar) Kattt Atchley and Suki O'Kane's percussion-gong-voice project, live @ Milkbar. Released 2019.

Ron Heglin and Kattt Atchley
DUO Ron and Kattt's a capella vocal project album, 2019

Carl Ludwig Huebsch and Tim Perkis At The Barn , live at the great barn at The Headlands Center for The Arts. (CLH Music 2017-21) -

The Hub
Hub Music (Artifact Recordings ART3009 2021) The amazing original 1987 live concert album by The Hub is back! Originally a low-fi cassette release, now remastered from original sources for download and CD

Chris Brown SOME CENTER Chromelodia Project; New World Records #80822 with
Kyle Bruckman (oboe), Theresa Wong (cello and voice) and Chris Brown (piano and electronics)

Festival Napa Valley:
SONGS OF GRATITUDE. streaming show 2020 Shot and recorded live on location: Friction String Quartet, Audrey Vardenega, Lucinda Belle, Starla Breshears, Nick Phan, and Kelly O'Connor.

Roscoe Mitchell Quartet:
COME AND SEE WHAT THERE IS TO SEE (The Label 2020) Live at The Lab!

ROBERT MONDAVI WINERY SUMMER SUNDAYS: virtual series 2020, with newly recorded performances by Matt Nathanson and the Marcus Shelby Trio.

John Bischoff:
Bitplicity 2022

Playing Field:
CLEAR (Milkbar) 2019

Chris Brown:

J'Nai Bridges: (music for) TO THE STARS Nicole Miller 2019

Charles Lloyd and Jason Moran:
AZOTH (music for Lines Ballet) 2019

Jason Moran:
The Personal Element (music for Lines Ballet) 2019

Steve Adams and Ken Filiano:

Katt Atchley and Ron Heglin:
DUO (KR Music) 2019

Crushing Spiral Ensemble:
LIVE @ ODC 2019

Phillip Greenlief Octet. BELLINGHAM FOR DAVID IRELAND Edgetone #EDT4204 2020
Live recording of 8 players scattered through all the rooms of the 500 Capp St. David Ireland House museum (SF). Phillip Greenlief (sax), Wobbly (electronics) Zachary Watkins (electronics), Aurora Josephson (voice), Karl Hubsch (tuba), Kip Kipperman (double bass), Gabby Flake-Mogul (violin), Karen Stackpole (gongs, percussion).

Duo B vs. Video Savant:
(Live @ Counterpulse) 2019

Van Anh Vo:
POLE STAR (music for Lines Ballet) 2019

ROVA Saxophone Quartet: IN TRANSVERSE TIME Les Disques Victo 2018

Kronos Quartet:
COMMON GROUND (music for Lines Ballet 2018\

Zakir Hussein and Sabir Khan:
SUTRA (music for Lines Ballet 2018

Ochs Rempis Johnston Trio:
SPECTRAL EMPTY CASTLES Aerophonic Records 2018

Phillip Greenlief Octet:

Thollem and Gino Robair:
Setola de Maiale Records 2018

Thollem-Stanley-Mezzacappa Trio:
TRAVELING SESSION Edgetone Records 2018

Berkeley Rep and IP Productions:

Lisa Mezzacappa Ensemble:
TOUCH BASS (LM Productions 2017)

John Bischoff, Tim Perkis, Chris Brown, Mark Trayle:
TRANSIT (Artifact Records ART 3001 2017)

Larry Ochs Sax and Drum Core:
WILD RED-YELLOW (RogueArt ROG-0075 2017)

Phillip Greenlief:
DAVID IRELAND’S HOUSE (500 Capp Records, LP, 2017)

Alvin Curran:
SELF PORTRAIT (with Barbara Held) (Farley Films, video 2017)

THE 6th EXTINCTION 2017 (Wig Records)

Tim Perkis and Scott Walton:

Maya Lahyani: ART SONGS (music for Lines Ballet) 2016

Charles Lloyd and Jason Moran:
SAND (music for Lines Ballet) 2016

Grosse Abfahrt:
Produced by Tom Djll. Frank Gratowski with the Acme House Band All-Stars, live in the studio.

Maggi Payne, Matt Ingalls and Ingrid Lee:

Best Coast for Boing Boing TV 2015 for a documentary+ EP re: the release of their album “California Dreaming”. Live in the studio.

ALIVE! Reunion Tour @ Freight and Salvage DVD 2016

Don Arbor and Friends at the Freight and Salvage DVD and youtube video production of Don’s famous “birthday concert” 2015. New show 2018!

The Residents and N. Senada: THE SNAKEY WAKE live recording 1987 (Klanggarie gg208, released 2015)

The Lost Trio:
MONKWORK (Evander Records 2014) All T. Monk tunes in new arrangements.

Natural Artefacts:
CALIFORNIA CONNECTIONS (LJ Records 2014) A new album’s worth of pieces by the famed Swedish ensemble, both studio sessions and a live performance recording.

Nils Bultmann
TROUBADOUR BLUE (Innova Records 2014)

Bob Mould (documentary+performance for the release of “Beauty and Ruin”) Boing-Boing TV 2014

Marcus Shelby Quintet (live @ SFJazz for the series KQEDarts) 2014

Rova Saxophone Quartet with Gino Robair and Ikue Mori:
GRAND ELECTRIC SKULL (2013) DVD release of live performance.

John Bischoff:
FIELD TRANSFER (Important Records 2013)

“Blue” Gene Tyranny:
DETOURS (Unseen Worlds, 2012)

John Bischoff:
AUDIO COMBINE (New World Records 2012)

4 DECADES 5 PRESIDENTS (BarbCo/Burning Books) 2013

Chris Brown:
ICONICITIES (3 Pieces for Percussion and Live Electronics) (New World, 2011) With Willy Winant (percussion) and Chris Brown (piano, electronics)

Ellen Fullman:
THROUGH GLASS PANES (Important Records, 2011)

Swell Season (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova)
Live at the Paramount (2009) (Boing-Boing)

The Lost Trio:
MYSTERIOUS TOBOGGAN (Evander Records, 2010)

Woody Simmons and the Mill Valley Philharmonic:
ASHTAVAK (score for the documentary “CHASING THE LIGHT”, PBS 2010)

Gino Robair:
I NORTON (Rastascan Records 2009)

The Acme House Band:
VANITY (Emanem Records 2009) Trumpeter Tom Dill, The Acme House Band and guests make subtle, evocative music at the 21 Grand performance space in Oakland CA.

Kronos Quartet: Terry Riley's
SUN RINGS (live at Stanford University, 2008) Produced by Janet Cowperthwaite  

YOUTH SPEAKS! / TEEN POETRY SERIES at the San Francisco Opera House (HBO series episode) 2008

The Hub:
BOUNDARY LAYER (Tzadik Records 2009)

IN THE AIR (Deep Listening, 2009) Pauline Oliveros and Chris Brown

Trimpin and Kronos Quartet:
4CAST for TRIMPIN: THE SOUND OF INVENTION Peter Esmonde 2007 (concert and other recordings)

Jose Maceda:
DRONE and MELODY (Tzadik Records 2007) Produced by Chris Brown and John Zorn.

Kronos Quartet with David Barsamian:
ALTERNATIVE RADIO at BRAVA SF Mixed by Scott Fraser. 2007

Fred Frith and Chris Brown:
CUTTER HEADS (Intakt Records 2006)

The Natto Quartet:
THOUSAND OAKS (482 Records, produced by Tim Perkis and Natto Quartet.) Philip Gelb (shakuhachi),  Chris Brown (piano), Shoko Hikage (koto), and Tim Perkis (computer)

Wadada Leo Smith:
LUMINOUS AXIS (Tzadik Records, produced by John Zorn) with William Winant and computer synthesists Tim Perkis, Chris Brown John Bischoff and Mark Trayle. (2002)

The Natto Quartet:
HEADLANDS (482 Records, produced by Tim Perkis and Natto Quartet) shakuhachi (Philip Gelb), piano (Chris Brown), koto (Shoko Hikage), and computer (Tim Perkis). (2002)

Fuzzy Bunny:
FUZZY BUNNY (Sonore, 2000) Tim Perkis, Chris Brown and Scott G. Lancaster

Tom Nunn and The Edgewalker Consort: 
PEERING OVER    (Ramp Records 1997 Produced by Tom Nunn)

The Hub:
COMPUTER NETWORK MUSIC (Artifact Records 1989) Live recordings and mixes.

John Bischoff and Tim Perkis:
ARTIFICIAL HORIZON   (Artifact Records ART1003 1989)

TARZAN SPEAKS  (Artifact Records ART1006 1991) Live recordings  

Tom Waits:
BIG TIME (Island Records 1987) Production sound and concert recording for feature film soundtrack album.

The Snakey Wake (live at the DNA Lounge, 1987) featuring The Residents, Club Foot Orchestra and others.

San Francisco City Chorus:
MOZART REQUIEM and Other Works for Chorus and Orchestra (SFCC 1980-91) Live recordings.

The Residents:
THE STARS AND HANK FOREVER (Ralph Records 1985) Location music recordings.

The Residents:
TUNES OF TWO CITIES (Ralph Records 1982) Location music and sfx recordings.

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