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works in progress (or recently completed):

--Flicka: a new feature documentary fantasy about Frederika von Stade
(Brian Staufenbiel, 2022-3)

--Deep River: a new ballet by Alonzo King with music by Jason Moran and Lisa Fischer
(Alonzo King LINES Ballet 2022) sound design

Who Dressed You Like A Foreigner and other ballets: Alonzo King Lines Ballet with
Zakir Hussain (sound design 2022)

Entretiempo Roco Cordova and La Macacoa. Live recording for release by Small Press Traffic

--Nathan Clevenger Trio+2 live at SF Center for New Music New music by Nathan Clevenger, Corey Wright and Jordan Glenn, with Kasey Knudsen and Crystal Passuci for a forthcoming album 2022

--Citta da Vitti: Phillip Greenlief, Lisa Mezzacapa and Jason Levis live at the SF Center for New Music 2022 for a forthcoming video production.

--Crushing Spiral '22 : Matt Small's ensemble is back with a new set for a new video (live music recording)

CRUDE DRAWINGS : (Tim Perkis, Joel Goodman, Jordan Glenn) live recording for a new album 2022

BACCHUS: a new dance work by Kara Wilkes; Univ. of Santa Clara 2022 (performance audio mastering)

THERE IS NO STANDING STILL: Robert Rosenwasser (Alonzo King Lines Ballet 2020-21). A series of 6 min films shot by Lines dancers from home across the USA and other countries, to music by Jason Moran, Zakir Hussein, Edgar Meyer, Lisa Fischer+JC Maillard and GF Handel. (video and music editor)

--Daniel Ellsberg's "DOOMSDAY MACHINE" , a doc in production by Paul Jay 2020-3

new Bandcamp site: nearly all of my albums 1979-2022 now in one place!

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