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strange and unclassified audio and video projects:

SOUND SURFACING Chris Brown and Laeticia Sonami "playing" Johanna Poethig's "Submarine" installation at the Mercury 20 Gallery, 2022.
THERE IS NO STANDING STILL... Alonzo King Lines Ballet A series of 5 short dance films shot by AKLB dancers all over the world.

THE SHELTER SHORTS Alonzo King Lines Ballet A series of 1 to 12 minute videos edited to scores from the Lines Ballet archive. (video and audio editor) 30 projects so far!

SOLAR CRY: Lydia Ourahmane, a sound installation work at the Wattis Institute, SF 2020

Wellington Bowler 2016-22 4 seasons) Wellington Bowler and Stephanie Huang talk with leading lights of neuroscience in one of the most popular science podcasts going.

NETFIELD (Tim Perkis, Bill Thibault and Philip Perkins)  1996 A collaboration of three Bay Area sound & computer artists, this piece created a spatial sonic environment accessible to early users of the internet. Twenty five continuous environmental recordings made by Perkins from a diverse range of environments around the globe are organized into a two dimensional world ranging from wet to dry along one dimension and urban to rural along the other. Listeners at internet-connected computers anywhere could move through this spatialized sound field, using software they downloaded from this site. After downloading and starting up the client application, users could move through the Netfield world by using the arrow keys on their keyboard; as they passed from one zone to another, the sounds would smoothly mix and be spatialized using a custom 3d sound spatialization system.

:  (Jane Hall Productions) Sound editing, mixing, file optimization and conversion for this monthly website science magazine.  1996-8

WONDERS OF THE WORLD : (Pangaea) Sound design for a series of screen-saver products. 1996

PARAMOUNT PARKS : "Blockbusters", "Lost In Cyberspace", "ET" and others (Saslow Productions, Nancy Saslow) Several large theme park attractions for Great America and other parks, including extensive  sound design, surround elements and synchronization to live action and live sfx.  1996-7

THE THRILL OF MOTION (The Floating Company, Gerard Howland) Sound design and sync supervision for a 70mm surround-sound film presentation for the General Motors pavilion at the '96 Olympic Games. The film showed to thousands of people a day for the length of the games in a specially built theatre that featured mirrored walls,  the largest motion-base ever made (extended under the entire audience) and other synchronized effects.  1996

PEPSI CENTER OPENING (Saslow Productions, Nancy Saslow) Sound design for a monster video projection taking place outdoors at night with synchronized pyro and live action/sfx.  1999

Robert Dalva,Rob Nilsson and Veronica Selver 26 episode internet documentary, very innovative for its day. 1997

CHANGE (Levi Strauss) (Saslow Productions, Nancy Saslow) Sound design for a large scale multiscreen video projection with extensive surround elements. 1997

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